A Review of Avengers: Endgame from a Fanboy

If you are a fanboy like me, then you have watched the series of movies from Disney starting from the Iron Man movie that starred Robert Downey Jr. And I did. Even before I knew that there would be an Avengers movie, I really loved comics and superhero movies. I can still remember the time I bought a ticket during my Amsterdam city trip and tour bus map holiday. And now, more than 15 years later, the end of the saga has now been put to a close.

All movies prior to Avengers Endgame were good enough

I have set my own rankings of the best to worst MCU movies leading up to the Endgame. You can read all about my list on another article. Just to give our traffic website visitors a gist of what my list looks like, the top movie based on the story and the development of the characters is Captain America Civil War and my least favorite is Thor: The Dark World.

The Ending that is almost the same as I what I have anticipated

A fanboy will always have different theories of the movie before it is actually shown. And I have had a few theories of my own. Because of the numerous trailers that were given to us mere mortals, we really assumed that all were dead and they are going to go back in time to get back the infinity stones to save half of the universe. And we were right. The movie was very well written from start to finish. The surprising ending of Thor’s life a few minutes after the opening scene was quite shocking. It is much like the Amsterdam Heineken experience doing my Amsterdam city tour review that I was had a few years back.

I had three other surprises. The death of Iron Man, the old version of Cap, and the death of Agent Natasha. Since there were talks of a Romanov movie, I have always thought that Hawkeye would be the one to die.

I can still hear the awe of the movie fans as we saw the reemergence of all the superheroes at the end of the war scene. It was fun seeing Spider-Man and the gang alive and kicking again.

All-in-all, Avengers Endgame is going to bring you into a roller-coaster of experience from start to finish. It was fun and it will really put an end to a chapter of the story.

5 thoughts on “A Review of Avengers: Endgame from a Fanboy”

  1. Wouterina says:

    I may be one of the few people who have not watched Avengers Endgame yet. Because I accidentally read your article, I now know the story of the whole movie! Kidding aside, I think it is just fitting to finish the story arc of Iron Man and Captain America because the characters have been existing for a long time in the MCU.

  2. Cherida Ameziane says:

    You are right, man. I am also a fanboy who has created a lot of theories of my own. But the Avengers really surpassed my expectations. The right combination of fun and serious storyline really caught me off-guard. I think I even shed a tear or two when Mr. Stark died.

  3. Stacey Backer says:

    The directors of Avengers really knew who their audience is. They gave the moviegoers the right amount of laughs and tears and ushered them to an ending that everyone can almost agree in. You cannot expect more from a franchise that has brought us so many good movies throughout the years.

  4. Jake says:

    I don’t think I like the idea of having most of the characters die.

  5. Helen Braindy says:

    The storyline is somewhat familiar but with so many twists. I’ve come to love it though LOL

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